Business Continuity Management



Duration: 2 Days    CPD: 14 Hours      

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning has become a popular topic due to increased information system interdependency within data centers. This course looks at the methods and best practices to guide organizations through planning, implementation, and maintenance lifecycle phases.

Course Description


Business continuity and disaster recovery planning has become a popular topic due to increased information system interdependencies within data centers. Organizations cannot afford business disruption and unplanned downtime. New Standards have emerged such as ISO 22301:2019 to guide organizations through planning, implementation, and maintenance life cycle phases.

The Business Continuity Management course is suitable for any staff requiring a detailed understanding of a Data Center’s requirements, either as an enterprise or colocation provider, when it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and includes the latest recommendations from ISO 22301:2019.

Who should attend?


  • Facility engineers and technicians looking to deepen their understanding of the mission critical environment.

  • Architecture, engineering and construction professionals up-skilling or transitioning to data center projects.

  • Sales and marketing staff from technology vendors and other business professionals looking to build a holistic view of the modern data center.



The concept of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity has been evolving since the early 80's and in the past many companies have viewed it as a luxury, however, as we have seen in recent months, business continuity can be impacted by many unforeseen incidents including natural disasters, terrorist attacks and global pandemics. 

DC Pro has taken the initiative to develop a 2 day course which is aimed at increasing awareness of the topic of Business Continuity and also give some detailed insights to the latest global standard, the ISO 22301. The course has been written to include real life examples of incidents and some of the findings from the response to those incidents.

Greg Sherry
Co-author and Master Instructor

This course has met the required standards of the organisations listed above and is approved, accredited, validated or endorsed by them. More details of our relationship with each and the process for gaining credit equivalencies is available upon request.

Day 1 | Business Continuity 

  • Business Continuity and Data Centers

  • History of Business Continuity 

  • The Need for Business Continuity Management

  • Best Practices

  • Understanding the organization

  • Risk Assessment

  • Strategy

Day 2 | Incidents and Recovery

  • Incident response

  • Business Continuity Plans

  • ISO 22301 standards

  • BCMS

  • Future directions

Learning Objectives

  • Develop good practices to support the resilience of the organization in a real, mission critical environment.

  • Discuss the risk assessment, its significance in the context of business continuity and its

  • concrete relationship with the location, design and operation of the data center.

  • Understand the impact analysis on the business and its role in business continuity.

  • Define a strategy in the context of business continuity, and how the solutions are more than just plans.

  • Explain how to react to incidents - exactly what happens the role of human behaviour and the importance of leadership.

  • Distinguish what a business continuity plan can and cannot do.

  • Explain the Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Identify Business Continuity Standards and Factors Affecting Business Continuity Adoption

Course Calendar


Below are public classroom dates for Business Continuity Management (BCM). 



29 Oct 2020

3 days

9AM - 5PM


23 Nov 2020

2 days

9AM - 5PM

Exam & Certificate


Students must complete a supervised open-book online examination on the final afternoon of the course (1 hour). A score of >70% will constitute a pass mark - course work activities will also be taken into consideration by the Instructor.

A certificate of completion will be available for students to download from their online account page that reflects the 21 CPDs they have earned. This can be used against annual professional development hour requirements of numerous professional bodies.

This course is part of the Data Center Specialist credential which allows use of the post-nominal title DCS®

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