Energy Professional

Duration: 3 Days    CPD: 21 Hours      

The course focuses on energy consumption and energy efficiency as well as related operational and design strategies that will help professionals increase cost-effectiveness across all capital investments.



Course Description


Learn about the key considerations for near and long term target measures for data center energy efficiency enablement, alongside operation and design strategies that help maximize program impacts and increase cost-effectiveness, ensuring that capital investments deliver results.               


Spanning Information Technology (IT) systems and their environmental conditions, air management and  mechanical and electrical systems, on-site generation, metrics and benchmarking, this course offers strategies which provide efficiency benefits for a wide variety of data center scenarios.

Who should attend?​

  • Data center managers & critical infrastructure engineers from data center operators responsible for facilities operations.

  • Sales engineers and product engineering staff from technology vendors looking to understand the energy efficiency space

  • Energy, sustainability and planning managers, or anyone interested in understanding data centre energy flows and how to minimise or manage consumption per unit of ICT load.​

  • Consulting Engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) upskilling or transitioning to data center projects.



"This course went into different topics related to data centers with plenty of case study material. It surpassed my expectations.


The course helped me to improve my knowledge about energy standards. I had opportunity to see what is happening in other similar companies and see how to react on very dynamic and every day changing data center life".

Pavol Klimek

Program Manager - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Red Hat

This course has met the required standards of the organisations listed above and is approved, accredited, validated or endorsed by them. More details of our relationship with each and the process for gaining credit equivalencies is available upon request.

Day 1 | Consumption 

(1) Introduction to energy consumption, principles, units & metrics:

  • Energy & data centers

  • Energy management & cost

  • Fundamentals of power and energy

  • Standards & Best Practice Guides

  • Energy consumption, generation and flows    

(2) The critical load, utilisation, virtualisation and management:

  • ASHRAE TC9.9 & thermal requirements

  • Moore’s Law

  • Server performance metrics 

  • SPEC, SERT & LinPac

  • Utilization & virtualization

  • Thermal management firmware

Day 2 | Technology

(3) Utility, carbon, emissions & on-site/off-site renewables:

  • Utility transformer & losses

  • National fuel mix & cost

  • Carbon content

  • Renewable energy certificates

  • Low carbon & renewable energy sources

(4) UPS, Electro-chemical & Kinetic energy storage:


  • Types of UPS: on line, line interactive and off line

  • Eco mode: energy storage / efficiency and parasitic loads

  • Module size and redundancy

  • The impact of partial load

(5) Emergency Power Generation, CHP & Utility Support

  • Generators: application, ratings & limitations

  • MV/HV options

  • Alternative applications, STOR

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Day 3 | Systems​

(6) Cooling: Direct-Air, Indirect-Air, liquid based & ‘free-cooling’:

  • Cooling energy & airflow management

  • PUE, Partial PUE

  • Energy efficiency, COP, EER & SEER

  • Chilled Water-based cooling

  • Direct Expansion based cooling

  • Air-based cooling: Direct / Indirect

  • Hot-aisle temperature / cold-aisle

  • Immersion cooling

(7) Re-use of waste heat & other energy optimisation ideas:

  • The principles of using waste heat

  • Technical & commercial limitations

  • Opportunities and impact on energy plan

(8) Monitoring, BMS, EMS and DCIM

The Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter Award (CEEDA) is a global assessment and certification program designed to recognize the implementation of energy efficiency best practices in operating data centers. It is being used by many data center operators aorund the world to drive efficiency within their IT organizations and externally as part of their corporate social responsibility communications strategy.

Learning Objectives​

  • How to alignment the data centre business-case with an energy-plan

  • Understand the principles of power and energy

  • Identify and analyse energy sources & rank consumers in importance

  • Identify embodied energy in consumable resources

  • Understand the problems associated with partial-load

  • Understand the opportunities for low energy solutions

  • Evaluate energy saving solutions and understand the risks of implementation

  • Calculate the carbon content of a data centre energy profile

  • Create an input and output energy flow map for a particular facility

  • Electrical systems, consumption and generation

  • Understand cooling systems, technology and the effect of climate

  • Understand the opportunities & limitations presented by waste energy re-use.

Course Calendar & Costs

Below are public classroom dates for Energy Professional. Prices are shown in local currency however will display in USD on next screen. You will be given a choice of currency to pay in at point of transaction or when requesting pro forma invoice. 



23 Sep 2020

3 day

9AM - 5PM


09 Nov 2020

3 days

9AM - 5PM


9 Nov 2020

5 days

9AM - 1PM


23 Nov 2020

5 days

9AM - 1PM

Exam & Certificate


Students must complete a supervised open-book online examination on the final afternoon of the course (1 hour). A score of >70% will constitute a pass mark - course work activities will also be taken into consideration by the Instructor.

A certificate of completion will be available for students to download from their online account page that reflects the 14 CPDs they have earned. This can be used against annual professional development hour requirements of numerous professional bodies.

This course is part of the Data Center Practitioner credential which allows use of the post-nominal title DCP®

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