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Continuing professional development, or CPD, is the ongoing process of developing, maintaining and documenting your professional skills. DCPRO can provide you with continuous learning opportunities through a a blended approach to training that combines classroom, e-learning and industry engagement.

We run a full schedule of public classroom courses in many locations and in various languages.


Tokyo / Japanese

Shanghai / Chinese

London / English

Stockholm / English

Milan / English

Singapore / English

Sydney / English

Hong Kong / English

Madrid / Spanish

Mexico City / Spanish

Sao Paolo / Portugeuse


If you would like to find dates please look at course information pages or click below. 



We will work with you develop semi-bespoke modules of the course curriculum in order to better fit your unique training requirements.

We are able to send our instructors to any location in the world to deliver these courses to groups of 12+ students in your own training facility.


If your team is split geographically we can deliver the full course curriculum via a virtual classroom interface.

In-House Classroom

We have a growing portfolio of E-Learning modules that have been developed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge on the people, processes and technologies they need to succeed.


Based on the pioneering book Fundamentals of Mission Critical Infrastructure® by industry veteran Peter Curtis the learning program has been augmented over the last 2 years and arranged into four-module certificate.

E-Learning Programs

Once an individual has completed a course or a full credential track they can engage in a continuous learning cycle attending industry conferences, seminars and listening to webinars.


DatacenterDynamics (DCPRO parent company)    is the world's leading provider of data center and cloud infrastructure focused events and media. If you are a registered student of DCPro you can earn valuable CPD points at no extra cost by attending a DCD conference near you, where you will be able to listen to thought leadership across a broad spectrum of topics linked to our classroom curricula.

Conferences & Seminars



I wanted to make sure that all client facing staff know what the company does as most of then join the business with no prior knowledge of the industry nor any exposure to a data center environment. 


All sales and marketing staff are enrolled on the 3 day DCDA public courses soon after they join.


At a public course they meet vendors, consultants, enterprise clients and even competitors and understand the ecosystem. The course content arms them with the right vocabulary and a basic understanding of the fundamentals that helps them contribute to discussions back at the office and ultimately to sell better.

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