Power Professional

Duration: 3 Days    CPD: 21 Hours      

The Power Pro course delivers a comprehensive understanding of how power requirements impact the design and operation of data centers, as well as the key challenges related to critical power within them.



Managing the power requirements of today’s high-end and high-availability data centres is an extremely complex task which is often underestimated, especially since many of the data centres are operating at, or near, their design limits and downtime is never an option.


A comprehensive  understanding of how power requirements impact the design and operation of data centers is fundamental. From power distribution and critical components to energy efficiencies, this course provides a granular understanding of the key challenges related to power within infrastructure

Who should attend?

  • Consulting Engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) upskilling or transitioning to data center projects.

  • Critical infrastructure engineers from data center operators responsible for facilities operations.

  • Sales engineers and product engineering staff from technology vendors looking for broader awareness of their market



Very fruitful achievement after attending this course. All important power related topics for DC were covered. This is my last course to complete the Data Center Specialist in Design. The trainer, Prof. Ian Bitterlin, was very experienced, providing good training materials and practical examples.

Steven, Kok Chee Wee

Kienta Engineering

Construction Pte Ltd

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Course Description

Day 1 | Fundamentals​

  • Power consumption

  • Power basics - units

  • 3-phase power circuits

  • Modern ICT loads

  • Model for power redundancy
    (including Tiers)

  • Concepts of reliability & availability

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Day 2 | Back-up Power

  • Different UPS topologies

  • Static UPS

  • Emergency power generation

  • Diesel generators

  • Gas turbines 

  • Fuel delivery, storage & treatment

  • Kinetic energy UPS including DRUPS & hybrid rotary

  • Battery energy storage: Acid & Lithium

Day 3 | Distribution​

  • Circuit protection

  • Power quality & harmonics in electronic loads

  • Automatic & static transfer switches

  • AC power & HVDC power

  • Critical systems maintenance

  • Industry codes & standards

  • Sustainability & energy efficiency

Learning Objectives​

  • Discuss the importance of data center power consumption to business, government and society in general, whilst trying to meet sustainability targets in a low energy future

  • Identify the basics of voltage, current, power and power factor in 3-phase power circuits

  • Recognise the power requirements of modern ICT loads, especially dual-cord designs and their purpose

  • Recognise the competing models for power redundancy architecture, concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance

  • Explain the concepts of Reliability, Availability and MTBF calculations for comparisons of system reliability

  • Discuss UPS topologies according to IEC and the various forms of static UPS

  • Explain emergency power generation, particularly diesel powered and including fuel delivery, storage and treatment

  • Understand kinetic energy UPS, DRUPS of various types and hybrid rotary

  • Explain battery energy storage with emphasis on lead-acid cells, covering design, selection and sizing of UPS batteries

  • Define automatic transfer switches and static transfer switches with their application in critical power distribution systems

  • Discuss short-circuits, fault-current sources and examples of source impedances and circuit protection in critical ICT systems

  • Differentiate between AC power and HVDC power in the data center

  • Recognize the concepts of power quality, especially harmonics in electronic loads

  • Identify the particular maintenance issues of data centers and how the power system design can influence availability

  • Discuss industry standards, codes and guides

Course Calendar 


Below are public classroom dates for Data Center Power Professional (DCCP).



28 Sep 2020

3 days

9AM - 5PM


28 Sep 2020

3 days

9AM - 5PM


16 Nov 2020

5 days

9AM - 1PM


30 Nov 2020

5 days

9AM - 1PM

Exam & Certificate


Students must complete a supervised open-book online examination on the final afternoon of the course (1 hour). A score of >70% will constitute a pass mark - course work activities will also be taken into consideration by the Instructor.

A certificate of completion will be available for students to download from their online account page that reflects the 21 CPDs they have earned. This can be used against annual professional development hour requirements of numerous professional bodies.

This course is part of the Data Center Specialist credential which allows use of the post-nominal title DCS® 

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